Types of Garden Room

The Victorian Conservatory

The Conservatory Most people feel that a conservatory and a garden room are two completely different types of structure, although as many modern garden rooms are now constructed with skylights and bi-folding doors the lines of distinction have become somewhat blurred. We thought that, as both structures are rooms situated in the garden, we would … Read more

Garden Room Home Office

Home Office

Working from home has become more popular during recent years as people have found remote working to be beneficial in many ways, since the Covid-19 crisis began the use of garden room home offices has skyrocketed. Most of us can probably manage to squeeze an office into our homes but it uses valuable space intended … Read more

Pod Garden Rooms

pod garden room

The futuristic pod is a contemporary and unusual structure which is becoming popular as a statement piece garden room. Spherical in shape, the pod offers 360° views through segment shaped windows, whilst all round seating, a centre table, lighting and heating allow for al fresco dining in all weather conditions. The bright, light interior feels … Read more

Eco garden rooms

eco garden room

The eco garden room is similar in appearance to many other garden rooms but they are highly energy efficient and kinder to the environment. Constructed of sustainable wood sourced from renewable, certified suppliers, the eco garden room is the only choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save our planet for … Read more

Glass Garden Room

glass garden room

The glass garden room is usually constructed of framed or frameless glass panels, offering wonderfully panoramic views of your garden and beyond, it is similar to a conservatory but the greater expanse of glass gives a much more open and close to nature feeling. Built of toughened glass the glass garden room gives you protection … Read more

Garden Room Structures

Small Contemporary Garden Room

Purists insist that a garden room must be built only from wood and that the roof must be tiled, they hark back to times past when the garden room was known as a pavilion, often built to mirror the design of the original grand house, although on a much smaller scale. Even then, however, the … Read more

Garden Rooms and Planning

Garden Rooms Planning

For anyone seeking to add to their outdoor/indoor space a garden room is the perfect solution, if done well it can even add value to your property. A garden room can be separate from the main house or attached, although some feel that it is not a true garden room if it does not have … Read more

What is a garden room?

Garden Room

Garden rooms have soared in popularity in recent years, particularly during lockdown where those working from home sought a quiet space to work away from the rest of the household. A garden room is a building, most often of wooden construction, which is situated in the garden. It can be as simple or elaborate as … Read more

Garden Yoga Studio


Although yoga can be practised anywhere it is always beneficial to be able to find a peaceful retreat, somewhere away from your busy life. Whether you practice for spiritual wellbeing or physical strength, your very own yoga studio in your garden, surrounded by nature, can give you the peace and quiet that you desire. The … Read more