All The Available Garden Room Sizes

large garden room

Garden rooms were popular even before the arrival of Covid-19 but the pandemic and the lockdowns caused an absolute explosion in their popularity. People were required to work from home if they could and many found this to be almost impossible, particularly those with no spare room in which to escape the distractions of everyday … Read more

Garden Room To Live In

live in garden room

Garden rooms are in demand now more than ever, whether it’s because they’re on lockdown or not, homeowners are increasingly seeking cost-effective ways to increase the amount of usable living space in their current homes. Who wouldn’t desire an extra room in the back garden for more space and a lifestyle change without having to … Read more

A Guide To The Best Garden Room Doors

amazing garden room doors

Usually, garden rooms are built with a specific idea in mind, meaning that they are planned to be a home gym, an office garden, a home studio or any of the almost endless possibilities that they can be. As a result of that, they tend to be aimed to fulfil a very particular set of … Read more

Entertain with a Garden Room Kitchen

garden room kitchen

A garden Room Kitchen completes a home. It almost becomes an essential part of valued family time as it brings the family closer together and allows mum and dad to interact with the children or keep an eye on them while they do homework or play in the garden. This is not the only reason why … Read more

Corner Garden Room

corner garden room

The Corner garden room is a building designed to fit into a smaller garden or to take advantage of a corner where nothing grows. In smaller gardens, where you want to maximise both the garden room and the space in your garden, a corner garden room is ideal. They’re particularly useful in situations where the garden isn’t perfectly square … Read more

What is a Steel Frame Garden Room?

steel frame garden room

On the surface, steel frame garden rooms differ from traditional garden rooms in just one way, the primary building material used to construct the frame. Traditional garden rooms primarily use wood, whereas steel frame garden rooms, as the name suggests, use steel. However, this one difference is so important that it impacts many different avenues … Read more

All You Need To Know About Portable Garden Rooms

portable garden room

Our physical environment is something that affects our lives greatly. It has a considerable impact on our mood, behaviour and the way we interact with other people. By affecting our productivity, it plays a role in the accomplishment of our goals, be it our work-related achievements, fitness goals, or on a small scale, daily life … Read more

Open / Close the Garage Door

close garage door

You’ve pulled the car into your garage, closed the garage door and carried your shopping to the door linking your house and the garage, only to find it locked! You try the garage door and it won’t open, it seems that no amount of tugging, pushing, pulling, cursing and kicking is going to have any … Read more

Rendered Garden Room

rendered garden room

The increasing popularity of garden rooms during the last year surprises no one, whether for work or leisure, they are part of the new normal. But for how long will this new normal be around? How convenient is the new routine that you developed in the last year and a half for you? Are you … Read more

L Shaped Garden Room


Garden rooms are a terrific addition to any home, they boost the value of the property and provide additional space for you and your family to work, entertain and spend time. Despite what people might think when hearing the term “garden room”, they are not spaces where you store plants! If you are planning on … Read more

Garden Therapy Room

therapy room

Garden rooms are pretty much the perfect setting for any type of therapy: counselling, massage therapy, acupressure, podiatry, chiropody, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki healing, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, art and music therapy, to name just a few. Surrounded by nature, your treatment room offers more than your skills and professional equipment; it offers the subtle but always present benefits that nature … Read more

Designing a Garden Utility Room

garden utility room

Garden utility rooms are experiencing a renaissance over the past few years, due to the increasing need to compartmentalise. Most contemporary homes these days are open plan which maximises the use of space. However, aesthetically, some homeowners might not prefer to show the “unsightly” features of the house, namely, the utility section. Some homes are … Read more