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Building a Sunken Garden Room

So, you have this space in your garden, and even though is an important part of your property you feel it’s kind of dull. Yes, it’s been said again and again that a garden is a collection of possibilities, but how do you realize those possibilities? What can you do to reach the full potential of […]

Does a garden room increase the value of your property?

There are several reasons why a garden room would not only be a great addition to your property but also increase its market value. If you are looking for a short answer, then yes. A garden room would pay for itself when sold, covering the installation cost and it’s cheaper and faster than building an […]

Grey Garden Room

Garden rooms come in all shapes and sizes, from the humble upgraded garden shed to the luxurious, multi-roomed, purpose built annexe. Garden rooms also come in a large range of colours, gone are the days when any garden building was constructed of brown coloured materials or was painted or stained in a brown shade. It […]

Garden Room Under Floor Heating

The heating of your garden room is an important decision to make; obviously it is a decision that would be best made before construction has even begun, as this would allow you to research all the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of heating systems available before making a commitment. This article will examine […]

Garden Guest Room For Family & Friends

Garden rooms are probably the most popular way of gaining more living space in recent years, cheaper than a traditional extension and faster to construct – some suppliers boast a start to finish build time of five to seven days – a garden room is certain to be valued by the whole family. A perfect […]

Garden Room Veranda

A veranda, also known as a verandah, wrap-around porch or covered terrace, is a structure that is attached to the exterior wall of a building, usually a house or a garden room. It has a supported roof (or canopy) but is generally open to the elements, usually having only railings or screens. Veranda or verandah? […]

Garden Room Toilet

Whatever your garden room is used for, an office, studio, family room or multipurpose room, the addition of a toilet and wash basin will mean no more running up and down the garden path to use the loo. This will be so much more convenient, particularly during the autumn and winter months! Since the lockdowns […]

Garden Room on a Budget

It really is not surprising that garden rooms have become the “in thing”, the “must have” additional space to the main house; it makes sense that a multipurpose room, a space that the whole family can use all year round, will become a true asset, almost certainly adding value to your property. Not everyone will […]

Black Garden Rooms

If you’re looking into having a garden room installed, you’re likely to be faced with plenty of decisions to be made regarding how it’s all going to look! There’s no shortage to the customisations available when it comes to the layout, materials, colours, etc., of your new garden room. Whilst doing your research and looking […]

Garden Room vs. Conservatory Which Is a Better Option?

Maybe, your family is growing. Perhaps, you are planning to work from home. A home extension is a brilliant idea. But with a variety of options to choose from, which is the best option? Garden rooms and conservatories are the top solutions among homeowners in the UK. Which is better? Don’t worry, as you are […]

Building a Garden Snooker Room

Snooker is a very popular pastime in the UK, it is actually also a sport, a cue sport – although there are some who argue that it is not a sport at all. Snooker can be played in snooker clubs, night clubs and pubs in all parts of the UK, even some hotels have a […]

A Guide to Garden Room Roofs

Despite the easing of Covid-19 restrictions the popularity of garden rooms is showing no signs of slowing, in fact, as many companies have chosen to allow their employees the option of returning to work in the office or continuing to work from home, it is likely that garden rooms will become even more sought after. […]

A Guide to a Soundproof Garden Room

A garden room is more than just your office room or playroom; it is basically an extension of your home that needs to be properly secured. Most garden rooms are used as home offices, play rooms, gyms, studios, etc., any of which may be noisy enough to disturb your neighbours. Moreover, if you’re using it […]

Best Methods For Garden Room Ventilation

Working in a garden room can be an extremely pleasant experience; the variety of plants, the interior design, and the view across your lawn can all be soothing and relaxing.  During summer, however, your garden room could become hot and stuffy, which is certain to affect the quality of your output, your levels of productivity […]

Popular and Recommended Types of Garden Room Bases

You want the best for your garden room; you want it to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and long-lasting of course, but where to start? There are multiple options to consider, including ground screws, concrete slabs, concrete strip foundations, paving slabs, plinth foundations and plastic base panels. You may wonder what the best choice is for […]

Garden Rooms NI

Northern Ireland has some stunningly beautiful and diverse scenery, from the spectacular Causeway Coast where you can find the World Heritage Site known as the Giant’s Causeway, to the Sperrin Mountains (from the Irish word meaning “little pinnacle”), which is an Area of Natural Beauty with an unspoilt landscape of lakes and valleys. The weather […]

Pallet Garden Room

The past year or so has changed so much of what and how we do things in so many ways. For a lot of people it has also been the year that has bought more focus on family, health and overall wellbeing by changing the way we work and live. The lockdowns caused by the […]

Winter Garden Room

A guide to making your winter garden room usable and comfortable all year long A garden room is one of the latest and most popular home improvement projects in the UK and many other countries across the globe.  Garden rooms are often constructed for use as a home office; this allows the user a haven […]

Garden offices – the path to the world of business of the future

No matter what profession you pursue, you are sure to feel the comfort of working from home. The global pandemic has shown people what can be managed, executed, and implemented, regardless of whether you have a full work schedule within the office walls with your employees or not. What is a garden office? The idea […]

Garden Room SIPS

Structural insulated panels, otherwise known as SIPS, are an increasingly sought after method of building construction in the UK, including for those building a garden room. The panels are factory manufactured in a range of standard sizes, although bespoke orders are also possible, before assembly on site, either by contractors or on a DIY basis. […]

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