Which is best, a Garden Room or an Extension?

Garden Room Vs Extension

British consumers are always looking for new home improvement ideas. Their motto is “out with the old, in with the new.” There is something special about home improvement and home renovation. Both of which offer a great deal of benefits, including increased home value. Other benefits depend on the home improvement project, such as a … Read more

Garden Room Canopies


The world has changed considerably since the onset of the Covid pandemic, with the lives and livelihoods of people affected in many ways, not least here in the UK, where some of the temporary changes introduced during the lockdowns have proven to be popular and are very likely to become permanent in one form or … Read more

Garden Room Fluorescent Lighting


One of the success stories resulting from the pandemic has been the garden room or home office. With most of us in lockdown during the early days of the pandemic, we were forced to work from home, often using a spare room or dining table as a work area. This proved impossible for many, as … Read more

A Guide to Garden Room Guttering

guttering with cat

Guttering is a method of directing rain water from the roof of a building to a drain point, soakaway or water storage butt using a system of water collection troughs and down pipes, guttering is essential to protect against a number of issues, including flooding, erosion, water ingress, damp problems and damage to the foundations … Read more

Garden Room Gazebo


You will have heard of a garden room, or even a garden room office, they have become a very familiar sight in the gardens of the UK, particularly since the onset of the Covid pandemic when working from home became the rule, rather than the exception to the rule. The garden room gazebo, however, is … Read more

Building the Best Garden Room Man Cave Shed

man cave

It is important for everyone to have a place to escape from the stresses of ordinary contemporary life – a location to kick down and relax, a space where you can welcome your friends, and an area where you can give yourself an oasis, far away from the office and other chores. So, you’ll need … Read more

The Best Membranes Found in Garden Room Roofs

roofing membrane

Welcome to the final part of our series of three articles in which we explore the membranes used in the construction of the garden rooms of today. Our first article covered the types of membranes used in the foundation, also known as the base or concrete base, of a garden room and the second looked … Read more

The Best Membranes Designed For Garden Room Walls

garden room wall membrane

A modern, well designed and built garden room is a much more complex structure than it may appear to some of us, particularly those of us who know little to nothing about the construction of buildings. Many garden rooms would have once been simply designed, rather draughty structures, probably little more than posh versions of … Read more

What is the maximum height you can build a garden room without planning permission?


The rules and regulations regarding planning permission in the UK can be complicated and difficult to understand, which is why many people enlist the help of those who specialise in the subject, such as architects or planning consultants, even this can be a very expensive undertaking indeed. That said, employing an architect or planning consultant … Read more

Experience A Garden Sensory Room

sensory room

What is a sensory room? A sensory room, also often called a sensory explorer room, is a room dedicated to providing a range of stimuli and other sensory experiences to individuals in order to help them feel calm and focused, also to help them develop and engage with their senses whilst feeling safe and supported. … Read more

All The Available Garden Room Sizes

large garden room

Garden rooms were popular even before the arrival of Covid-19 but the pandemic and the lockdowns caused an absolute explosion in their popularity. People were required to work from home if they could and many found this to be almost impossible, particularly those with no spare room in which to escape the distractions of everyday … Read more