Open / Close the Garage Door

close garage door

You’ve pulled the car into your garage, closed the garage door and carried your shopping to the door linking your house and the garage, only to find it locked! You try the garage door and it won’t open, it seems that no amount of tugging, pushing, pulling, cursing and kicking is going to have any … Read more

Garden Room Heating

garden room heating

Having a garden room gives you a perfect work setting and can be used as a hanging-out place. This room tends to get chilly, especially during the winter months. So if you want to use your garden room all year round, then you need the best heaters that you could get. Jackets and blankets aren’t … Read more

Guide To The Best Polycarbonate Garden Rooms

polycarbonate sheets

One simple way of improving your garden’s look and feel and create extra space for your home is by building a garden room. Most homeowners use the additional space as a garden office, outdoor gym or a family entertainment spot. Garden houses are simple structures that you can make using different materials like wood, glass, … Read more

What is a garden room?

Garden Room

Garden rooms have soared in popularity in recent years, particularly during lockdown where those working from home sought a quiet space to work away from the rest of the household. A garden room is a building, most often of wooden construction, which is situated in the garden. It can be as simple or elaborate as … Read more