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Luxury Garden Rooms

Many people, when asked to describe a luxury garden room, would think of a magnificent and sumptuous abode set in large grounds, overlooking the sea or next to a lake, or perhaps amongst rolling hills with mountains in the distance. It seems that location is an important aspect where luxury garden rooms are concerned, with […]

A Guide to a Soundproof Garden Room

A garden room is more than just your office room or playroom; it is basically an extension of your home that needs to be properly secured. Most garden rooms are used as home offices, play rooms, gyms, studios, etc., any of which may be noisy enough to disturb your neighbours. Moreover, if you’re using it […]

Garden Studio

What is a garden studio? The Garden Studio is a building in your garden, which is usually, but not always, detached from the main house. If the building is 2.5 meters high or less then generally planning permission is not required, although restrictions may still apply and it is recommended that you seek advice from […]

Garden Room Office Wi-Fi Internet Connection

Many people build a garden room to use the space as an office; if this is the case for you it is essential that the garden office has an internet connection. While having an internet connection in your garden room is less important for garden rooms that are used for art studios, hot tubs or […]

Small Garden Room Offices

For the past decade, life at home has been invaded by a multitude of devices and digital accessories. As smart phones and other devices provided constant access to the internet, we have all gradually found ourselves walking a thin line between the digital world and reality. Then the pandemic struck and those who could work […]

Garden Room Gym

The home gym has always been popular, with no membership fees being the main reason, along with preferring to work out without people fitter, stronger or slimmer watching you. If you don’t own a large home then finding space for gym equipment can be a real problem, a garden room gym could be the answer, […]

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