A Guide To The Best Garden Room Doors

amazing garden room doors

Usually, garden rooms are built with a specific idea in mind, meaning that they are planned to be a home gym, an office garden, a home studio or any of the almost endless possibilities that they can be. As a result of that, they tend to be aimed to fulfil a very particular set of … Read more

Corner Garden Room

corner garden room

The Corner garden room is a building designed to fit into a smaller garden or to take advantage of a corner where nothing grows. In smaller gardens, where you want to maximise both the garden room and the space in your garden, a corner garden room is ideal. They’re particularly useful in situations where the garden isn’t perfectly square … Read more

What is a Steel Frame Garden Room?

steel frame garden room

On the surface, steel frame garden rooms differ from traditional garden rooms in just one way, the primary building material used to construct the frame. Traditional garden rooms primarily use wood, whereas steel frame garden rooms, as the name suggests, use steel. However, this one difference is so important that it impacts many different avenues … Read more

Rendered Garden Room

rendered garden room

The increasing popularity of garden rooms during the last year surprises no one, whether for work or leisure, they are part of the new normal. But for how long will this new normal be around? How convenient is the new routine that you developed in the last year and a half for you? Are you … Read more

L Shaped Garden Room


Garden rooms are a terrific addition to any home, they boost the value of the property and provide additional space for you and your family to work, entertain and spend time. Despite what people might think when hearing the term “garden room”, they are not spaces where you store plants! If you are planning on … Read more

Garden Room Floor Insulation

flooring insulation

Insulating the floor of your garden room could be a great way to keep the room warm in the depths of winter and cool when the heat of the summer arrives, it can also help prevent draughts and reduce your energy costs. The majority of garden rooms in the UK are built upon a concrete … Read more

Garden Room Vertical Cladding

vertical cladding

Cladding is a material that is used to cover the structure of a building; it can be fitted to the exterior or interior, or both! Although vertical and diagonal external cladding is becoming more widely used these days, external cladding that runs horizontally remains the most popular choice for homeowners in the UK. Today we … Read more

Garden Rooms Attached to House

garden room attached to house

Most people consider a garden room to be a completely separate building from the main house, it may only be situated a few feet away but they feel it should still stand apart to be a true garden room. Garden rooms attached to the house have actually been very popular with home owners for many … Read more

Building a Sunken Garden Room

sucken garden room

So, you have this space in your garden, and even though is an important part of your property you feel it’s kind of dull. Yes, it’s been said again and again that a garden is a collection of possibilities, but how do you realize those possibilities? What can you do to reach the full potential of … Read more

Garden Room Under Floor Heating

under floor heating

The heating of your garden room is an important decision to make; obviously it is a decision that would be best made before construction has even begun, as this would allow you to research all the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of heating systems available before making a commitment. This article will examine … Read more

Garden Room Veranda

garden room veranda

A veranda, also known as a verandah, wrap-around porch or covered terrace, is a structure that is attached to the exterior wall of a building, usually a house or a garden room. It has a supported roof (or canopy) but is generally open to the elements, usually having only railings or screens. Veranda or verandah? … Read more

Black Garden Rooms

Black Garden Room

If you’re looking into having a garden room installed, you’re likely to be faced with plenty of decisions to be made regarding how it’s all going to look! There’s no shortage to the customisations available when it comes to the layout, materials, colours, etc., of your new garden room. Whilst doing your research and looking … Read more

A Guide to Garden Room Roofs

Living roofs

Despite the easing of Covid-19 restrictions the popularity of garden rooms is showing no signs of slowing, in fact, as many companies have chosen to allow their employees the option of returning to work in the office or continuing to work from home, it is likely that garden rooms will become even more sought after. … Read more