The Benefits of a Octagonal / Hexagonal Garden Room

When you picture a garden room, you likely picture one that is square or rectangular. Different shapes, such as a hexagon or an octagon have been around for a while, but they are not always the first shape one thinks of when visualising this bonus space.

Also known as summer houses, these rooms offer the garden lover a great space outdoors to fill a variety of needs. But you may be wondering how do hexagonal or octagonal garden rooms compare to that of a more traditional shaped room? Let’s take a look.

Garden Room Size

When comparing the different shapes, size should be one of your main considerations. First, you should consider the size of your exterior space. While a rectangular or square garden room can tuck easier into a corner nook, this may be more challenging with a hexagonal or octagonal room.

Typically, this just means it will be more of a prominent feature in your garden, as many believe it should be. And while we are on the subject of size, an octagonal garden room offers excellent indoor space for hosting outdoor gatherings. A favourable attribute that may be just what you are looking for.

On the negative, some note that having an odd shape such as a hexagon or an octagon will leave you with a lot of wasted space. Edges where it is hard to fit objects properly inside or walls that just are not big enough to put up a full shelf may lead you to lean towards a square or rectangular garden room.

Garden Room Location

Next, the location of your treasured garden room should be on your list of considerations. Is your exterior space full of shade giving trees? Or maybe it catches the sunlight perfectly in the afternoon through the evenings and you would like to make the most of that?

Considering where you plan to place your garden room will help you to determine if a hexagonal or octagonal shape works better for your needs. A four-sided garden room may indeed fit easier into a corner, but if the best location in your garden is right in the middle, a square or rectangle may seem out of place.

Now, a hexagon or an octagon can make a real statement and catch the eye of those who come to visit. If you intend to make the most of the sunlight in any particular location of your garden, then this is a perfect solution for your needs.

Garden Room Purpose

What may be the most relevant consideration for your garden room could be its purpose? If you plan to use it as a greenhouse, you might prefer a no-nonsense square or rectangular structure. One that allows for you to neatly arrange rows of seed trays for your plants.

And while either of these shapes is manageable for hosting dinner parties, that of a rectangle or square will work better for fitting similarly shaped tables inside. That said, if you would like to use it as a tearoom, one cannot argue the appeal that a hexagonal garden room offers.

Lastly, if you would like to use it as an exercise, yoga or meditation room, a hexagonal or octagonal shape offers pleasing angular walls with plenty of wall space to hang mirrors, calming wall tapestries or inspirational quotes. A great allure to those looking for that special charm that these multiple-angled buildings offer.

Garden Landscaping

Another factor that may be on your mind is how you intend to decorate the exterior of your garden room. Many garden enthusiasts comment that landscaping the exterior of a hexagonal or octagonal garden room with some flowerbeds or attractive shrubbery is quite pleasing to the eye. It becomes quite the statement piece, adding more beauty to their outdoor room.

That is not to say that one cannot also nicely landscape a square or rectangular room, so ultimately it may just be a personal preference. Plus, how you choose to landscape it may also be determined by the style of choice, is it all glass or made from wood?

A garden room made of wood may appreciate some climbing plants, while the glass will look more handsome with more modest garden accents. Our suggestion is to look up some samples online and see what speaks to you. In this sense, there are no pros or cons, simply a preference of one shape over another.

Garden Room Future Repairs or Add-Ons

If we had to note one apparent flaw that an octagonal or hexagonal garden room has, that would be potentially locating replacement parts. This may also be extended to flexible shelving and even window hangings that fit into these more angular shapes.

As rectangular or square garden rooms are more popular, finding parts and add-ons appears much easier in this respect. To add to this, finding the right furniture to fit into a six-sided or eight-sided shape can be a challenge and you may have to have some items specially made, this is likely to be costly.

Final Thoughts

Multi-angled garden rooms are more often used as summer homes versus their square counterparts. This is thanks to their structure of more glass allowing for extra sunshine and better 360-views of your entire garden. A bonus to many, to say the least when you have invested much time on your exterior space.

They truly offer multiple uses, from entertaining to creating a hobby room, or even a quiet place to meditate or read. Knowing that your garden room offers you a sanctuary away from the main house, you really cannot go wrong with whatever shape you choose. Ultimately, the most influential selling point of an octagonal or hexagonal garden room is the statement piece they create in any exterior space. 

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