Entertain with a Garden Room Kitchen

A garden Room Kitchen completes a home. It almost becomes an essential part of valued family time as it brings the family closer together and allows mum and dad to interact with the children or keep an eye on them while they do homework or play in the garden.

This is not the only reason why garden room kitchens have become popular, but if it was, then it is a good enough reason to have one.

Why a garden room kitchen?

Besides adding living space to your home, a garden room kitchen allows you to enjoy your garden space a lot more. It is completely separate from your main house and is usually designed as a standalone structure that, with some design creativity, will bring the peace and tranquillity of your garden into the space.

Most garden room kitchens are designed with glass panelling to allow sunlight to fill the space with light and warmth. In a sense, when you design your garden kitchen, you are designing a room with a view and the beauty of the view depends on your gardening skills. However, because it is an open plan living area complete with a kitchen, you must think practically about how your garden room kitchen will benefit your family and how entertainment-friendly the space will actually be.

Pros of a garden room kitchen

The value of your home will be increased by more than the cost to build a garden room kitchen.

  • Planning permission is usually not required for this addition to your home, so there should be no paperwork and long waiting periods before you can begin with your build.
  • Garden room kitchens are more than just a kitchen in the garden. They often include a living space, and some even have a shower and toilet for added convenience.
  • Garden room kitchens add extra living space to your home, which can be used for family and friends as a separate guest living area. Grandparents can come over for extended visits and enjoy time with the grandchildren.
  • Entertainment becomes a lot more practical and you can mingle with your guests while you cook. With a kitchen, drinks fridge and a separate toilet in your garden room kitchen, your guests will not be going in and out of your house, which helps with the clean up afterwards.
  • The space can also be used as a work area for writers and artists, or it can be a place to snuggle up with a good book, enjoying the warmth of sunlight and the sounds of chirping birds in the garden.
  • Cooking family meals in your garden room kitchen allows you to keep an eye on your kids. You can have them do their homework in the space while you cook, and you will be able to help them when necessary.

Cons of a garden room kitchen

  • You might not have all your cooking utensils in your garden room kitchen, and you will have to make trips into the main house to get them, which can be frustrating.
  • Because of the large windows in the design, you may have to put up curtains to control the amount of sunlight streaming into the room.
  • Garden room kitchens can be a little chilly in winter because of the amount of glass used in the design. The area can be heated, but this will add to your utility bill, which might be why some families limit the use of the space to the warmer summer months.

The list of pros and cons above deals with some main issues that periodically crop up, but each individual family will find value and fault with garden room kitchens. The more the space is utilised and enjoyed, the more value will be voiced.

Building a garden room kitchen

There are construction companies that specialise in the design and building of garden room kitchens, so no matter how tempting it is to take on the project on your own, you may want to chat with specialists in the field so you can get it right the first time around.

A reputable company can have your garden room kitchen built within a few days. This puts aside the stress of dealing with the complications of a construction site in your garden for weeks on end.

Unfortunately, some homes have rather small gardens so space is limited, but with the right design, you will still be able to create a really nice living space in your garden. It is important to note that you may have to apply for planning permission so we recommend that you contact your local authority before commencing with any building work.

Garden room kitchens are built from prefabricated parts and are erected in no time at all. This reduces the noise level normally associated with construction sites, and you are not plagued with endless deliveries and labour issues.

Décor and furnishings

Once your garden room kitchen has been built, you will undoubtedly want to jump right in and furnish the space. You now have a living space filled with natural sunlight, and the best idea is to keep your furniture and use of colours to a minimum. In this way you can appreciate the open-plan effect of your garden room kitchen.

Keeping the area free of clutter will bring out the practicality of the space. Seating is important, so select a soft sofa or perhaps a few cushioned chairs. A dining room table will also be necessary and can double up as a work area for your children to do their homework.

Furnish your garden room kitchen to suit your needs. The more practical your approach, the more you will use your garden room kitchen and the better this living space will compliment your lifestyle.

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