All You Need To Know About Portable Garden Rooms

portable garden room

Our physical environment is something that affects our lives greatly. It has a considerable impact on our mood, behaviour and the way we interact with other people. By affecting our productivity, it plays a role in the accomplishment of our goals, be it our work-related achievements, fitness goals, or on a small scale, daily life … Read more

Rendered Garden Room

rendered garden room

The increasing popularity of garden rooms during the last year surprises no one, whether for work or leisure, they are part of the new normal. But for how long will this new normal be around? How convenient is the new routine that you developed in the last year and a half for you? Are you … Read more

2 Room Garden Office

2 rooms

Garden rooms are used for all kinds of purposes, from studio space for arts and crafts to multipurpose rooms for the whole family to enjoy. One of the most popular uses for a garden room is as an office for those who are working from home, it seems that home working is here to stay … Read more

Garden Rooms Attached to House

garden room attached to house

Most people consider a garden room to be a completely separate building from the main house, it may only be situated a few feet away but they feel it should still stand apart to be a true garden room. Garden rooms attached to the house have actually been very popular with home owners for many … Read more

Rustic Garden Room

rustic chair

Rustic generally means simple, natural, unsophisticated or relating to the countryside, to many of us it is associated with nature and this makes it a very popular style for both the interior and exterior areas of our homes. This article will explore the rustic garden room, inside and out. We have all heard the phrase … Read more

Grey Garden Room

shades of grey

Garden rooms come in all shapes and sizes, from the humble upgraded garden shed to the luxurious, multi-roomed, purpose built annexe. Garden rooms also come in a large range of colours, gone are the days when any garden building was constructed of brown coloured materials or was painted or stained in a brown shade. It … Read more