Garden Room Canopies

The world has changed considerably since the onset of the Covid pandemic, with the lives and livelihoods of people affected in many ways, not least here in the UK, where some of the temporary changes introduced during the lockdowns have proven to be popular and are very likely to become permanent in one form or another. One of these changes that look set to remain is working from home, many businesses have seen that this can increase productivity so they have allowed this to continue, either on a full time basis, or with employees returning to the office for perhaps only a day or two, it varies according to the needs of both company and employee. Working from home is not always possible of course, if you do not have a dedicated space in which to work then you can find that family life will interfere, this one of the reasons why garden rooms have soared in popularity over recent years.

Garden rooms are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes and they are constructed of a wide range of materials, many garden rooms have additional design features, such as verandas, bi-folding doors, etc., this article will take a look at garden room canopies, an attractive design feature with a great many uses.

What is a Garden Room Canopy?

A garden room canopy is often also called a veranda and it is a permanent addition to your garden room that provides valuable extra space that can be utilised for a wide range of purposes, a garden room canopy can be positioned at any point around the structure of your garden room, either to the sides, front or rear, provided you have no restrictions or limitations regarding nearby roads or boundaries. Garden room canopies are generally attached permanently to your garden room, although stand alone versions are also available, this is something you may want to consider if you are retro fitting a canopy. Garden room canopies provide shade from the sun during the hot summer months and shelter from the rain in the cooler seasons, it is also possible to add sides to a canopy to cut down on the wind when it’s a little too breezy for comfort.

How can I use a Garden Room Canopy?

A garden room canopy is a highly versatile structure than can be used for a great many purposes, popular ways to use a garden room canopy are:

Hot tub enclosure

A garden room canopy is the perfect place to house your hot tub, a solid roof will provide shelter from rain and shade from the heat of the sun, adding sides will keep the area snug and wind free. 

Garden room office exterior extension

If you use your garden room as an office, you will find a garden room canopy to be the ideal place in which to have your break time coffee, it would also make a wonderful outdoor working area during the summer months.

Shaded children’s play area

It is so important to keep children safe from the harmful effects of the sun, a garden room canopy makes an ideal shaded area, allowing your little ones to benefit from playing outside in the fresh air without the risk of sunburn.

Al fresco dining area

An outside dining area that provides shelter from the wind, rain and sun would make a wonderful additional living space for you, your family and friends, add solar lighting and you can entertain long into the evening.

Covered link between garden room and house

Anyone who uses their garden room every day of the year will know that it can often be a wet and windy experience to reach it from the house, a garden room canopy can provide a link between the two buildings, using paving will also prevent mud being tracked as you go back and forth.

Carport, motorcycle or bicycle shelter

If you are fortunate enough to have vehicular access to your garden room then you may want to consider the option of a garden room canopy for your car, motorcycle or bicycle. Carports provide valuable protection for vehicles, whilst still allowing the flow of air, this helps to keep mould at bay. This type of canopy is usually built against one side of the main property as a type of open lean-to, however, there is no reason at all why a garden room canopy should not be used in the same way, providing the dimensions are large enough and there are no restrictions or limitations in place.

What are garden room canopies made from?

Garden room canopies are available in a wide range of materials, including:

  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

The addition of glass or polycarbonate with any of these materials, either as a roof or for the sides, will result in a light and airy structure that still provides protection from adverse weather conditions. If you prefer a more temporary material for the sides of your garden room canopy then you might consider canvas, vinyl, cotton or nylon, these are all lightweight materials that can easily be hooked or tied into place. Other options for the sides of your garden room canopy include trelliswork panels, woven willow or hazel panels, lattice panels or slatted wooden fencing.

Decorating your garden room canopy

A garden room canopy is a wonderful addition to your outdoor space that can be enjoyed by family and friends all year round, some personal touches here and there will make this a truly unique setting for parties and other outdoor events. Here are a few decorating ideas:

  • Paint your garden room canopy a different colour to your garden room, this will make it stand out
  • Hang lanterns or fairy lights around your garden room canopy, this will give it a magical look at night, we recommend solar lighting
  • Add decking or paving under your garden room canopy, this will keep the area neat and free of mud patches
  • Furnishing, such as garden chairs or loungers, or even a dining set, will give your garden room canopy a welcoming feel
  • Shrub and flower planters will benefit the wildlife in your garden and make your garden room canopy look even more amazing

Do I need planning permission for a Garden Room Canopy?

A garden room canopy comes under the rules of Permitted Development” so you should not need to apply for planning permission, however, it is always best to check with your local planning authority before beginning work or making a purchase, as rules and regulations can often differ depending upon which area you are located. If you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, a conservation area or a listed property then you probably will require planning permission.

Garden room canopies can be an attractive and very useful addition to a garden room, they can provide a real focal point to a garden and valuable extra living space for you, your family and friends, particularly when shelter from the weather is needed. If you intend to retro fit a garden room canopy to your existing garden room, we recommend that you take advice from your supplier before commencing.

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