Weighing Up The Garden Room with Shed Combinations

A garden room with a shed is different than what we would describe as a simple garden room. That is not to say that garden rooms cannot adequately be spacious enough for whatever your room purpose is, but that adding a shed can offer that little bit more.

We know from experience that having useable outdoor space is a valued commodity by many homeowners. We also know that many who have a garden room also have a shed to store their garden tools and accessories. Having a combination garden room just seems to make sense, but let’s explore this topic a little more.  

Why Add a Shed?

There are a few reasons you may want to have a garden room that includes a shed. First, having a garden room with a shed is the best of both worlds, it is a combination that can allow for a more multi-purpose design, and many say once they decided this, they never wanted to change back.

Those who originally decided on having a garden room built first and a shed added after, or vice versa, often face the conundrum of the two dwellings being contrasting in design. But by having the two built together as one multi-functional garden room, the user finds themself preferring this stylish appearance.

The Perks

Often those with a standalone shed don’t take advantage of their storage space, for fear that what they store could be harmed by the weather. One upside to having a garden room with a shed is it is insulated and weatherproofed, making it more functional as you can store items beyond the typical outdoor equipment.

For example, are you worried that storing summer clothes in a shed will make them have a damp, musty smell come next season? With a combination garden room shed, particularly one that is weatherproofed and insulated, perhaps even heated, you can have the confidence to put anything in this extra storage space.

Another bonus with a garden room shed is that it allows you to better take advantage of your garden room; it becomes even more multi-purpose. Let’s say you typically use your garden room for your afternoon tea, but you’d like to start using it for your morning yoga, as well.

The shed space can be a great alternative space for your yoga accessories and hold a collapsible table and chairs you require for afternoon tea. Plus, having the two side-by-side means you don’t have to drag every item back and forth from the house or shed to your garden room.

As a bonus, having the combination of the two means you aren’t limited to boring shed designs. Many companies will also offer an inclusive shed at no extra charge for a custom-made creation. So, if you think you are going to want both a garden room and a shed for your outdoor space, you really can’t go wrong by combining the two.

The Downside

Truthfully, we could only find a couple of downsides to having this combination. The first is if you don’t have enough outdoor space to accommodate such a building. Or perhaps your outdoor space is awkward, so you prefer having the two buildings separate for better aesthetics.

The second reason this may not work for you is that it may be too costly for your budget. Having this bigger space will mean more materials and, to some, this means it becomes too pricey. Either way, if you can make it work, the pros seem to outweigh the cons.

How Does it Work?

As these multi-purpose garden dwellings are becoming more popular, there are many ways they can work. Don’t be afraid if you have a sloping property, with custom-made designs, having a garden room with a shed is a possibility for anyone.

In some designs, the shed and the room are side-by-side. But if you are worried that this will mean that your shed will stick out like a sore thumb, rest assured that this is not the case. There are varied options, such as beautifully designed doors to both rooms that open on the front side elevation. Or perhaps, you’d like a hidden doorway to the shed? Garden room suppliers are very accommodating to client requests.

That said, there is yet still another option. If your space is not limited to you having the rooms side-by-side, you can have the shed placed behind your garden room. As a larger outdoor space allows, this creates a massive amount of storage that equates to that of your garden room. That said, as it is a partition wall system, you can make the storage part as big or as small as you want.

This last idea may be the perfect option if you love to entertain in your garden room but don’t like the hassle of an exposed shed. However, we feel pretty confident that your multi-purpose garden room with a shed will be a conversation topic you’ll want to boast about.

Possible Combinations

The possibilities are endless, but in case you need some inspiration, we have some great ideas for your multi-purpose garden room. We already mentioned a tearoom that alternates as your yoga or exercise studio, but the space can certainly go beyond that.

Maybe you use your garden room as a place to play music. Having connected storage space is a great way to store instruments, extra chairs, speakers, or more. Or how about office space in which to meet up with clients? The storage room will help you keep it uncluttered by holding filing cabinets and other types of storage, such as bookcases, boxes, etc.

Maybe you have a creative business. Perhaps you create homemade greeting cards, or you are a seamstress with lots of fabric to store. Working around clutter makes it difficult to keep your creative juices flowing. Store your extra accessories in your attached shed and watch your business flourish in the peace and organisation that this sort of unit provides.

Final Thoughts

If the added outdoor space of a garden room has allowed you to enjoy nature and the peace and quiet of your garden then you will find that having this multi-purpose outdoor space offers the best of both worlds, storage and leisure. You will find yourself using your room for more than its original intended use and it will become an extra space that is much valued by the whole family.

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