L Shaped Garden Room

Garden rooms are a terrific addition to any home, they boost the value of the property and provide additional space for you and your family to work, entertain and spend time. Despite what people might think when hearing the term “garden room”, they are not spaces where you store plants!

If you are planning on adding a garden room to your home, the design must be carefully considered, there are many design options to choose from but an L shape may provide the most benefits.

An L shaped garden room is just what it sounds like, it’s a room designed in the shape of an L with a long section in the front that intersects with another section in the back of the unit. The main benefit is that it can be divided into two sections that can be used for different purposes.

This article will discuss why an L shaped garden room may be the best choice for your home.

What are Some Common Garden Room Designs?

Garden rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Square and rectangular shapes are most common but L shapes are another option. If you want to think outside of the box, you may choose a pod shape or a modular design.

Advantages of an L Shaped Garden Room

L shaped garden rooms provide several benefits. Here are some to consider.

Sections Can Be Designated for Different Uses

Because an L shaped garden room has two sections, each section can be used for different purposes. For example, you might use the front section as an office and the backroom for yoga, or you can use one section as game room and the other section as a gym. Another idea is to use one section as kitchen and the other as a dining room.

You can even hang dividers such as curtains or folding panels so people can use separate sections of the room and have their privacy.

Provides a Sense of Space

Garden rooms that are rectangular or square can feel a little claustrophobic. L shaped rooms have an open floor plan and provide a sense of spaciousness that makes them more inviting.

Allows the Light in

Because the different sections of the L are in different positions, the light will hit them in different ways. If you are seeking the sun, go to the section that is brightly lit, if you would rather spend time away from the intensity of the sun, move to the part of the room that is not getting a direct hit of sunlight.

Various Views

Most garden rooms have large windows that make the outdoor area the main focal point. The sections of your L shaped garden room will provide different views that allow you to take in different scenery. You may be amazed at how this can work to boost creativity and inspiration and minimise stress during the day.

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

An L shaped garden room provides a sense of continuity. Because it merges with the garden area, it brings the outdoors in. You can further capitalise on this by having doors at either end of the room.

Disadvantages of an L shaped Garden Room

L shaped garden rooms are ideal because they can be used for a variety of purposes, they seem more spacious and they provide optimal light and terrific views, but they come with their share of disadvantages. Here are some to consider.

Requires a Larger Building Area

An L shaped garden room’s unique shape means you must have space in your garden to accommodate it, you will also need a foundation that’s easy to build on and that can hold both sections. L shaped rooms also tend to be larger than other rooms so they may not work in a smaller garden.

May Be More Expensive Than Other Types of Garden Rooms

An L shaped garden room’s larger size and more intricate design may lead to additional costs. Your supplier may have to put in more time and effort to produce the various corners required in the building. The larger size may also add to the cost of material, further driving up the price.

Lack of Light

Earlier in the article, we discussed how the light will hit different parts of the garden room differently. This could be a bonus to people who appreciate both light and dark spaces. However, there are some who would prefer their space to be sunny throughout. These people may be disappointed to find that some sections of the room are dark at certain times of the day when they would rather have a room that gets light from all angles.

What to Discuss with Your supplier before Starting Your L Shaped Garden Room Project

Deciding whether an L shape is right for you is a big decision. You may be able to discuss options with your supplier to determine if it will work well on your property. Here are some questions to consider asking.

Will I have to make any sacrifices in my garden area to allow for building?

Sloping and uneven ground, ponds and streams are just a few of the issues that can interfere with a garden room build, especially if you are planning an L shaped design. Ask your supplier if they will be able to deal with these issues and if any additional cost will be incurred in the process.

Have you worked on L shapes before?

A garden room supplier that has worked on L shapes before will know the challenges they will be facing, so they should be prepared for the task ahead of them. They should be able to come up with solutions quickly, making for a more cost and time efficient project.

How long will the project take, and will there be any hidden costs?

It’s always a good idea to find out how long a project will take before signing on the dotted line; unfortunately it is inevitable that there will be some suppliers who will stretch deadlines. Some things that hold up construction are unavoidable but if you have a signed agreement for a completion date, they will be more likely to meet that deadline.

Hidden costs can come up if more material is needed or if unexpected problems arise. It’s best to review possible issues with your supplier beforehand so you are prepared for circumstances that may raise costs.

An L shaped garden room comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages. This article provides information that will help you decide if this design is right for you. After reviewing the facts, will you be adding an L-shaped garden room to your home?

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