Popular and Recommended Types of Garden Room Bases

concrete slab

You want the best for your garden room; you want it to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and long-lasting of course, but where to start? There are multiple options to consider, including ground screws, concrete slabs, concrete strip foundations, paving slabs, plinth foundations and plastic base panels. You may wonder what the best choice is for … Read more

Pallet Garden Room

pallet garden room

The past year or so has changed so much of what and how we do things in so many ways. For a lot of people it has also been the year that has bought more focus on family, health and overall wellbeing by changing the way we work and live. The lockdowns caused by the … Read more

Winter Garden Room

winter garden room snow

A guide to making your winter garden room usable and comfortable all year long A garden room is one of the latest and most popular home improvement projects in the UK and many other countries across the globe.  Garden rooms are often constructed for use as a home office; this allows the user a haven … Read more

Garden Room SIPS


Structural insulated panels, otherwise known as SIPS, are an increasingly sought after method of building construction in the UK, including for those building a garden room. The panels are factory manufactured in a range of standard sizes, although bespoke orders are also possible, before assembly on site, either by contractors or on a DIY basis. … Read more

Garden Room Insulation


The digital revolution, especially over the past 20 years, has dramatically changed our lives with many of us making the decision to work from home; this choice was taken partly because of the global pandemic but also in an effort to improve our work/life balance. Working from home as a trend Companies have found that … Read more

Cladded Garden Rooms

Cedar Cladding

If your garden room is perfect in every way except appearance, perhaps it started life as a shipping container, was built using breeze blocks or some other not so attractive material, you may want to consider cladding it with a material that will blend in with its surroundings whilst being more aesthetically pleasing. Most people … Read more

Brick Built Garden Rooms

brick built garden room

While many garden rooms are made using wood, there’s another option; a brick-built garden room. Adding a garden room in the back garden gives extra space to indulge in any hobby or relax and stay away from the hustle and bustle inside the house. It can be a home office, a home spa, a memorabilia room, … Read more

Modular Garden Rooms

Modular Garden Rooms

If you’re looking to add a garden room for any purpose – whether as an office, extra living space, studio, garden bar, etc., you could worry that you’ll be looking at a high cost and long turnaround time. However, you will find that isn’t always the case. Modular garden rooms are designed in a way … Read more

Garden Room Bi-folding Doors

bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors fitted in your garden room will immediately give a much more contemporary feel to the whole building; using bi-folding doors in your garden room can allow light and fresh air to flood in, giving the whole garden room a feeling of welcoming space. The popularity of bi-folding doors has soared over recent years … Read more

Concrete Garden Room

pouring concrete

Garden rooms are amazing spaces for workplaces, studios, playrooms or just somewhere to relax, but to get maximum benefit you need to take time to consider the style, size, etc. There are many types of garden rooms, one of the most durable you would want to consider is a concrete garden room. Concrete garden rooms … Read more

Garden Room Kits

garden room kit

Home garden rooms have become extremely popular over recent years, particularly so since lockdowns were introduced and those able to work from home were instructed to do so by the government. Working from home has proved to be such a success that many companies have taken the decision to make it a permanent option; some … Read more

Guide To The Best Polycarbonate Garden Rooms

polycarbonate sheets

One simple way of improving your garden’s look and feel and create extra space for your home is by building a garden room. Most homeowners use the additional space as a garden office, outdoor gym or a family entertainment spot. Garden houses are simple structures that you can make using different materials like wood, glass, … Read more