Modular Garden Rooms

If you’re looking to add a garden room for any purpose – whether as an office, extra living space, studio, garden bar, etc., you could worry that you’ll be looking at a high cost and long turnaround time. However, you will find that isn’t always the case.

Modular garden rooms are designed in a way which makes them cost-effective, quick and easy to construct and customisable, depending on your needs – all without sacrificing the high level of quality that you’re looking for with this addition to your property.

A modular garden room is constructed using several separate panels, usually with features such as doors and windows already built in. This is beneficial for several reasons, which we’ll explore further here.

So, if you’re in need of a little extra space and are wondering which direction to take, here are just a few of the reasons why a modular garden room may be the right option for you.

Faster Turnaround Time

One element that often puts homeowners off from exploring the possibility of having a garden room installed is the time that the building process takes. After all, choosing to have a garden room constructed in the same way as a traditional extension could take several months, taking into account the need for planning permission, sourcing of contractors and design process.

When you opt for a modular garden room, you aren’t looking at such a long building process. Due to the simplicity of the build itself, the turnaround time is much shorter; allowing you to bypass any of the holdups associated with a traditional extension and simply start enjoying your new space.

Greater Customisation Options

When deciding to purchase a traditional summer house, you choose the design as a whole, as designed by the manufacturer. This often leads to some tough decisions; because after all, you don’t want to sacrifice on what you want for the space.

Modular garden rooms offer a little more room for customisation as the separate panels that make up the structure can be mixed and matched, allowing you to select the materials, windows, doors, etc., that you like the best.

Increase Home Value

Any extra living space that you can add to your property will likely benefit you when it comes to maximising the return on your home if you choose to sell.

A modular garden room is a particularly effective way of doing this – they are high-quality enough to be used for a multitude of purposes but will not necessarily present a high build cost to the current owner. If you’re looking to make some home improvements before you sell, the addition of a modular garden room is a great option.

Durable Building Materials

Anyone looking to add extra space to their property, whether through the addition of an extension, conservatory or summer house, will look to ensure that this new build will stand the test of time.

Modular garden rooms are constructed using high-quality, durable materials that are built to withstand harsh winter weather and years of use. You are even able to add insulation, opt for fireproof materials and create an airtight space that will ensure your garden room is energy efficient.

Cost-Effective Building Process

The building process of a modular garden room is a lot more cost-effective than that of a more complex build.

The construction, due to the simplicity of the multi-panel design of a modular garden room, will likely require the efforts of just two workers and will not take as long as a traditional construction project. This means that you’ll save, not just on the cost of materials, but on the cost of the building process itself. 

No Sacrifice On Versatility

Despite being a cheaper, less complex option, modular garden rooms still offer all the versatility that you would expect from such a project. You are still able to use your garden room for any purpose that you like, such as a home gym, office, extra lounge, utility room, etc.

This is due to the fact that, like other designs, modular garden rooms can still be adapted to include insulation and electricity, essential aspects of any versatile living space.

Fit For A Wide Variety Of Spaces

Whatever the size of your garden and however much space you have available to use, there is likely a modular garden room that will be suitable for you. Due to the multi-panel design, you’ll more than likely be able to build a modular garden room that fits nicely into your garden, rather than having to sacrifice on space due to being unable to find a small enough design.

Additional Benefits:

Alongside the benefits listed above, modular garden rooms are:

•      Easy to transport

•      Generally exempt from the need for planning permission

•      Easy to dismantle if required

•      Cheaper than traditional brick-and-mortar garden rooms

•      Accessible and easy to purchase

So, if you’re looking for a time and cost-effective option when it comes to adding extra space to your property with a garden room, modular garden rooms could be ideal for you.

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