Garden Room Insulation

The digital revolution, especially over the past 20 years, has dramatically changed our lives with many of us making the decision to work from home; this choice was taken partly because of the global pandemic but also in an effort to improve our work/life balance.

Working from home as a trend

Companies have found that they can save on worker time and money if employees work from home. Despite numerous negative assessments, this trend still positively affects the workforce and is now said to be a major factor in increasing motivation.

These changes prompted many workers to create their own “work from home” environment; unfortunately many found that a work space within their family home is not the best place for efficient and uninterrupted work during the day.

If you are fortunate to have a garden, you should be able to build a garden room; even the smallest plot should be able to accommodate a mini garden room. In many cases, people have found that their garden shed is the best choice for them, with a little work even this most basic of structures can become a comfortable work place. Others feel a less rudimentary building would be more appropriate for their needs, particularly if their garden room is to be visited by clients; there are many fully equipped and insulated garden rooms on the market, with a vast choice of design and size.

People can use garden rooms in a variety of ways; you get a separate space where you can embody all your innovative ideas without having to change the lives of your loved ones and your family can also use it outside of working hours. However your garden room is to be used it is important to ensure that it is a comfortable area, warm in the colder months and cool during the height of summer, insulation is crucial to achieve this. Garden room insulation is available for floors, walls and roofs; it is advisable to insulate all of these areas as maximum coverage will yield optimum results.

Why insulate your garden room?

Garden room insulation is an essential element of a well constructed garden room, without it you would most likely have a draughty building, unprotected against the heat and cold with noise interference issues from neighbours or nearby roads. Garden room insulation will also protect against condensation, damp and mould, all of which can damage paperwork, electrical equipment and furniture.

Garden Room Insulation Standards

Rules, regulations or requirements regarding garden room insulation may apply, it should be a product that is completely safe of course, that is simply common sense. Planning permission or restrictions may apply if your home is listed or if you live in a conservation area or area of outstanding natural beauty, it is recommended that you always seek advice from your local planning authority before making any decisions.

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Types of garden room insulation

Mineral wool

Mineral wool is made from molten glass or stone types of industrial waste; it is spun into a fibre like structure resulting in a high quality and efficient insulating material

How to use mineral wool

It can be used in the construction of walls, ceilings, and floors for garden room insulation. It is sold folded or on a roll, so it is very easy to use during the construction process. It does not require much effort to cover the required area as it is lightweight with some rigidity.

Sheep’s wool

When building an environmentally friendly garden room, many companies choose sheep’s wool for their garden room insulation; it can be used for its thermal and acoustic insulating properties. Using environmentally friendly materials for your garden room insulation reduces the amount of energy required for heating or cooling.

Advantages of sheep’s wool insulation

This type of insulation is natural, sustainable and recyclable; it is perfectly safe for humans and the environment. Sheep’s wool can absorb water vapour and then help to control humidity if the surrounding environment becomes dry by releasing moisture back into the air. It also helps to decontaminate the air in your garden room by absorbing pollutants.

Fibreglass Insulation

This kind of insulation is probably the best known in the UK, it is made from spun glass and sand and it is available in rolls or sheets, it can also be blown into spaces by specialist companies.

Advantages of fibreglass insulation

It is an excellent product for garden room insulation and it will also help with acoustic insulation, it is cheap and easy to install, which makes it very popular with DIY fans.

Disadvantages of fibreglass insulation

If your fibreglass garden room insulation becomes wet for any reason then it will need to be replaced, this is likely to be a very disruptive process involving the removal of floorboards, loft boards or walling, not to mention the redecorating required once the job is done. Fibreglass insulation sags over time making it ineffective as an insulator.

Multifoil insulation

Multifoil insulation is an excellent choice for garden room insulation as it is a very thin product that is still an extremely efficient insulator. It consists of a number of layers of foils, sheets and insulation materials, such as wadding, that can be used to insulate floors, walls and roofs.

Rigid insulation board

Rigid insulation board is a popular choice for anyone considering insulating their home or garden room; it is manufactured in sheet form and is available in a large range of sizes and thicknesses. It is very suitable for garden room insulation and can be used for floor, wall and roof insulation. There are a range of rigid insulation boards, including PIR insulation boards, XPS insulation boards and EPS insulation boards, all have extremely efficient insulating properties.

Whatever type of garden room insulation you opt for it is crucial that you read all instructions and safety advice supplied with the product, you may be required to wear safety equipment such as masks, goggles and gloves and it is imperative that you comply with these instructions for the sake of the health and the safety of you and your loved ones.

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