Garden Therapy Room

therapy room

Garden rooms are pretty much the perfect setting for any type of therapy: counselling, massage therapy, acupressure, podiatry, chiropody, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki healing, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, art and music therapy, to name just a few. Surrounded by nature, your treatment room offers more than your skills and professional equipment; it offers the subtle but always present benefits that nature … Read more

Designing a Garden Utility Room

garden utility room

Garden utility rooms are experiencing a renaissance over the past few years, due to the increasing need to compartmentalise. Most contemporary homes these days are open plan which maximises the use of space. However, aesthetically, some homeowners might not prefer to show the “unsightly” features of the house, namely, the utility section. Some homes are … Read more

2 Room Garden Office

2 rooms

Garden rooms are used for all kinds of purposes, from studio space for arts and crafts to multipurpose rooms for the whole family to enjoy. One of the most popular uses for a garden room is as an office for those who are working from home, it seems that home working is here to stay … Read more

Garden Room Workshop


Garden rooms have never been more popular than they are right now; we live in difficult times and the need for solitude is great, just a quiet space in which to escape the noise and general mayhem that is so often part of family life. As we find ourselves seeking distraction from the threat we … Read more

Garden Room Floor Insulation

flooring insulation

Insulating the floor of your garden room could be a great way to keep the room warm in the depths of winter and cool when the heat of the summer arrives, it can also help prevent draughts and reduce your energy costs. The majority of garden rooms in the UK are built upon a concrete … Read more

Garden Room Vertical Cladding

vertical cladding

Cladding is a material that is used to cover the structure of a building; it can be fitted to the exterior or interior, or both! Although vertical and diagonal external cladding is becoming more widely used these days, external cladding that runs horizontally remains the most popular choice for homeowners in the UK. Today we … Read more

Luxury Garden Rooms

big luxury garden room

Many people, when asked to describe a luxury garden room, would think of a magnificent and sumptuous abode set in large grounds, overlooking the sea or next to a lake, or perhaps amongst rolling hills with mountains in the distance. It seems that location is an important aspect where luxury garden rooms are concerned, with … Read more

Garden Rooms Attached to House

garden room attached to house

Most people consider a garden room to be a completely separate building from the main house, it may only be situated a few feet away but they feel it should still stand apart to be a true garden room. Garden rooms attached to the house have actually been very popular with home owners for many … Read more

Rustic Garden Room

rustic chair

Rustic generally means simple, natural, unsophisticated or relating to the countryside, to many of us it is associated with nature and this makes it a very popular style for both the interior and exterior areas of our homes. This article will explore the rustic garden room, inside and out. We have all heard the phrase … Read more

Building a Sunken Garden Room

high-end sunken garden room

So, you have this space in your garden, and even though is an important part of your property you feel it’s kind of dull. Yes, it’s been said again and again that a garden is a collection of possibilities, but how do you realize those possibilities? What can you do to reach the full potential of … Read more

Grey Garden Room

shades of grey

Garden rooms come in all shapes and sizes, from the humble upgraded garden shed to the luxurious, multi-roomed, purpose built annexe. Garden rooms also come in a large range of colours, gone are the days when any garden building was constructed of brown coloured materials or was painted or stained in a brown shade. It … Read more

Garden Room Under Floor Heating

under floor heating

The heating of your garden room is an important decision to make; obviously it is a decision that would be best made before construction has even begun, as this would allow you to research all the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of heating systems available before making a commitment. This article will examine … Read more

Garden Room Veranda

garden room veranda

A veranda, also known as a verandah, wrap-around porch or covered terrace, is a structure that is attached to the exterior wall of a building, usually a house or a garden room. It has a supported roof (or canopy) but is generally open to the elements, usually having only railings or screens. Veranda or verandah? … Read more

Garden Room Toilet


Whatever your garden room is used for, an office, studio, family room or multipurpose room, the addition of a toilet and wash basin will mean no more running up and down the garden path to use the loo. This will be so much more convenient, particularly during the autumn and winter months! Since the lockdowns … Read more

A Great Garden Room on a Budget

budget garden room

It really is not surprising that garden rooms have become the “in thing”, the “must have” additional space to the main house; it makes sense that a multipurpose room, a space that the whole family can use all year round, will become a true asset, almost certainly adding value to your property. Not everyone will … Read more

Black Garden Rooms

Black Garden Room

If you’re looking into having a garden room installed, you’re likely to be faced with plenty of decisions to be made regarding how it’s all going to look! There’s no shortage to the customisations available when it comes to the layout, materials, colours, etc., of your new garden room. Whilst doing your research and looking … Read more