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Garden Studio

What is a garden studio? The Garden Studio is a building in your garden, which is usually, but not always, detached from the main house. If the building is 2.5 meters high or less then generally planning permission is not required, although restrictions may still apply and it is recommended that you seek advice from […]

Garden Room Office Wi-Fi Internet Connection

Many people build a garden room to use the space as an office; if this is the case for you it is essential that the garden office has an internet connection. While having an internet connection in your garden room is less important for garden rooms that are used for art studios, hot tubs or […]

Garden Room Insulation

The digital revolution, especially over the past 20 years, has dramatically changed our lives with many of us making the decision to work from home; this choice was taken partly because of the global pandemic but also in an effort to improve our work/life balance. Working from home as a trend Companies have found that […]

Cladded Garden Rooms

If your garden room is perfect in every way except appearance, perhaps it started life as a shipping container, was built using breeze blocks or some other not so attractive material, you may want to consider cladding it with a material that will blend in with its surroundings whilst being more aesthetically pleasing. Most people […]

Brick Built Garden Rooms

While many garden rooms are made using wood, there’s another option; a brick-built garden room. Adding a garden room in the back garden gives extra space to indulge in any hobby or relax and stay away from the hustle and bustle inside the house. It can be a home office, a home spa, a memorabilia room, […]

What is a garden office pod, and what to use it for?

Time is a precious commodity, if sitting for hours on a train, plane or in a traffic jam can be avoided then it not only gives the environment a much needed boost but it can also give worker productivity a boost too. The global pandemic has taught many companies that their workers are happier and […]

Modular Garden Rooms

If you’re looking to add a garden room for any purpose – whether as an office, extra living space, studio, garden bar, etc., you could worry that you’ll be looking at a high cost and long turnaround time. However, you will find that isn’t always the case. Modular garden rooms are designed in a way […]

Garden Rooms Scotland

Scotland is a land of awe inspiring scenery, from its rocky glens to the snowy highlands; its rugged beauty attracts visitors from all over the world. Scotland has an unpredictable climate; you may experience wind, rain, snow and sunshine, all in the space of a single day! For those who enjoy being out in the […]

Garden Room Heating

Having a garden room gives you a perfect work setting and can be used as a hanging-out place. This room tends to get chilly, especially during the winter months. So if you want to use your garden room all year round, then you need the best heaters that you could get. Jackets and blankets aren’t […]

Garden Room Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors fitted in your garden room will immediately give a much more contemporary feel to the whole building; using bi-folding doors in your garden room can allow light and fresh air to flood in, giving the whole garden room a feeling of welcoming space. The popularity of bi-folding doors has soared over recent years […]

Garden Games Room

A garden room is not only good for a home office room; it can also make a great home cinema or game room. Whether you would actually prefer to install a home cinema or something more traditional like a pool or snooker table, there are many ways in which you can use your garden room […]

Concrete Garden Room

Garden rooms are amazing spaces for workplaces, studios, playrooms or just somewhere to relax, but to get maximum benefit you need to take time to consider the style, size, etc. There are many types of garden rooms, one of the most durable you would want to consider is a concrete garden room. Concrete garden rooms […]

Circular Garden Room

Just about everything the world does relates to the circle shape or occurs in a circular motion. It is said that the earth and the sky are round and all other planets too. When at its greatest power, even the wind is seen to move in a circular movement, the whirls. We see the sun […]

Small Garden Room Offices

For the past decade, life at home has been invaded by a multitude of devices and digital accessories. As smart phones and other devices provided constant access to the internet, we have all gradually found ourselves walking a thin line between the digital world and reality. Then the pandemic struck and those who could work […]

Metal Frame Garden Room

The rise of metal framed garden rooms has been steady over the past few years, although many prefer traditional wooden framed garden rooms; the metal frame is becoming increasingly popular due to its low maintenance requirements. This study will endeavour to explain the advantages and disadvantages of both wooden and metal framed garden rooms. Metal […]

Shipping Container Garden Room

The shipping container. Love them or hate them, you cannot deny that they are solid and substantial structures, built to withstand weeks at sea and constant craning on and off container ships. When not fulfilling the role for which they were actually constructed, shipping containers can be utilised for a variety of purposes, some examples […]

UPVC Garden Room

If you’re starting to feel as though you need a little extra space within your home, or perhaps an area that will allow you to enjoy your garden all year round, you might be tempted to think that traditional conservatories and extensions are your only option. These days, however, that’s not the case. There’s a […]

Garden Room Kits

Home garden rooms have become extremely popular over recent years, particularly so since lockdowns were introduced and those able to work from home were instructed to do so by the government. Working from home has proved to be such a success that many companies have taken the decision to make it a permanent option; some […]

Round Garden Room

Garden rooms have become increasingly popular these days. These are fully insulated, usually double glazed, and electrically wired. Garden rooms can be made of wood, metal or UPVC, they can also serve as a yoga room or studio, cabins, garden office or gym. If you are a garden room fanatic, you are probably aware of […]

Relax With A Garden Room Hot Tub

If you dream of a place where you can fully relax, installing a hot tub in your garden room can be a perfect idea. It gives you an extra place to rejuvenate and enjoy the home spa. It also increases your property’s worth and adds a bit of luxurious style to it. Before purchasing a […]

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