Metal Frame Garden Room

The rise of metal framed garden rooms has been steady over the past few years, although many prefer traditional wooden framed garden rooms; the metal frame is becoming increasingly popular due to its low maintenance requirements. This study will endeavour to explain the advantages and disadvantages of both wooden and metal framed garden rooms.

Metal framed garden rooms are very strong

Metal framed garden rooms are sturdy and reassuringly weighty; this makes them rather more robust than their wooden counterparts. Their rigidity is a definite bonus when compared to a wooden garden room, which, by its very nature, will always have some flex. Weight is something to be taken into consideration when making your purchase, the metal frame flat pack is certainly going to be much heavier than a wooden frame flat pack, you might want to consider having it delivered instead of risking pulled muscles, or worse.

Metal framed garden rooms can withstand any weather

The metal framed garden room will stand up to far more turbulent weather systems than wooden frames. Gale force winds can quickly and completely destroy a wooden garden room but a metal frame won’t be affected at all, their rigidity and weight give them a much greater degree of strength against the weather, the only risk high winds pose to the metal frame is from windborne objects breaking the glass. Flooding can also have a seriously detrimental effect on the wooden garden room, particularly if the water remains for some time, this will lead to the wood softening and then rotting and you may have to replace part of the frame or, even worse, the entire frame. Providing it has been well protected by paint, the metal frame may not be affected at all, standing in deep water may cause rust but this is easily dealt with by sanding down and repainting. The weight of deep snow on a wooden garden room roof can cause the wood to bend and break; this is not an issue with the greater strength of the metal frame. A metal frame will also withstand the heat of a fire for much longer than a wooden frame, which sadly is very likely to end up as a pile of ashes.

Metal framed garden rooms are cost effective

The cost of both wooden and metal framed garden rooms can vary enormously, depending upon size, style and complexity, the cost of construction will also vary for the same reasons. Building a simple square or rectangular garden room in either wood or metal is not beyond the skills of the experienced do it yourself person, but anything more complex will probably require a properly qualified tradesman. Some wood working experience will almost certainly be required for the wooden frame whereas bolting a metal frame together should be a much easier proposition, apart from the greater weight of course. Metal frames are much more durable than wooden frames, a coat of metal paint will protect against rust for years. Wooden frames require a great deal of regular maintenance to protect them against the climate; they can also be very badly affected by insect infestation.

Disadvantages of metal framed garden rooms

The weight and rigidity of a metal framed garden room can be an advantage but it can also be a disadvantage to those doing the construction, the weight of the frame components means that you will definitely need help with lifting to bolt it together. Another disadvantage is that metal is susceptible to rust, particularly if you live near the coast, although a good coat of metal paint should protect well against this. You should also be aware that, depending upon where it is sited, your metal frame is likely to become very hot to the touch during those much longed for, hot summer days.

Whatever size and style you decide upon and however you choose to furnish it, your metal framed garden room is certain to provide some wonderful extra space for the whole family to use all year round, it could also protect your less hardy plants during the winter months.

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