Garden Rooms and Planning

For anyone seeking to add to their outdoor/indoor space a garden room is the perfect solution, if done well it can even add value to your property.

A garden room can be separate from the main house or attached, although some feel that it is not a true garden room if it does not have its own spot in the garden. A garden room should not be considered as basically a shed with curtains, however, it must be noted that there are some gorgeous sheds out there that have been very well designed and lovingly kitted out.

A garden room is an outbuilding and, as such, comes under the rules for permitted development, which means planning permission is not required. There are limits and restrictions that need to be taken into account when planning and designing your garden room; for example:

Garden outbuildings should be single storey only, having a maximum eaves height of 2.5 metres and an overall maximum height of 4 metres with a dual pitched roof or 3 metres for any other type of roof.

Verandas, balconies or raised platforms over a certain height are not permitted, check with your planning department for local restrictions.

Garden outbuildings should cover no more than half the area of land around the original house.

You should contact your local planning authority if you are not completely certain about your possible planning permission requirements; also the Government has useful “guidance on householder permitted development rights, which allow improvement and extension of homes without the need to make a planning application.”

You will need to comply with Building Regulations if you intend using your garden room as an extra place for the occasional guest to spend the night on a sofa bed but if you are planning to use it as a regular sleeping place it will be considered as a dwelling place, you will then need to comply with Building Regulations and apply for planning permission. You should also be aware that your council tax may increase if your garden room has become a dwelling place.

You will require planning permission to build a garden room if you live in a conservation area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a national park or a World Heritage Site.

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