Garden offices – the path to the world of business of the future

No matter what profession you pursue, you are sure to feel the comfort of working from home. The global pandemic has shown people what can be managed, executed, and implemented, regardless of whether you have a full work schedule within the office walls with your employees or not.

What is a garden office?

The idea of a garden office was born a long time ago; this was because of the difficulties of working at home with all the noise and disturbances caused by family life. People are more focused when they work every day in a formal setting, such as a company office. Still, it is possible to replace an ordinary office space full of annoying distractions and noise with a comfortable office building in our garden, saving us more time, money and physical resources and enjoying a relaxing work environment.

Garden office design

A quality building design includes all the necessary components that you will need for work: Digital technology, comfortable cabinets and tables, spacious bookcases and folders. In short, you will feel the same as in the office but the difference is that it will be your favourite view from the window and you are much closer to your family.

Garden offices are built to meet specific requirements and are often completely original, as different businesses differ from each other.

Types of garden offices

Because people working from home are divided by profession, companies often have to build different garden offices for IT consultants, journalists, designers, writers, accountants, etc. People of other occupations and tastes may also have additional requirements.

The main question that arises before the construction of a garden office is whether it requires planning permission. A garden office with a height of 2.5 meters should not require planning permission; however, there are restrictions so it is always advisable to check with your local planning authority before making your purchase or commencing work. 

Garden office for your business

The garden office is an integral part of your home, the same situation as if you were running your private business from your bedroom. This means that you are renting premises for your own business and the company itself pays you. If you make a personal profit from this income, you may be responsible for paying income tax.

Working from home

Remote employees make the most of the garden office. Currently, there are a growing number of companies offering employees the opportunity to work from home. Some companies are willing to pay rent for an office, whether at home or in your garden.

Mini Garden Office

A space adjustable to fit any garden with a height of 2.5 meters, which also does not require planning permission, is isolated and protected while at the same time being extremely cost effective.

A mini garden office won’t take up much space in your garden. This type of garden office is designed for one person; its walls are insulated and the windows are double glazed. This type of office provides a very comfortable space for a small garden all year round and is suitable for anyone on a tight budget.

Large garden office with storage room

This is a pretty big building suitable for larger gardens; the large, modern office is designed to be turned into a family gathering place after the work day is over. One corner of the office is a room that equates to a storage shed and is a popular garden addition for any family. A large garden office’s main advantage is sliding glass doors; when you open the door in good weather, you get an unusual veranda effect.

The monthly office rental costs can account for up to a third of our income, so a garden office is a significant investment to save time and money, add value to your property and help you maintain a work-life balance. 

The demand for garden offices has skyrocketed since 2020, giving companies an incentive to create jobs of various types and purposes for people who want to work from home in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

The offices are fully furnished, and the user is greeted with original lighting, switches, and charging points, and the electronic package includes outdoor lighting systems. Consequently, you no longer have to worry about additional problems associated with constant repairs.

Away from the crowd

Garden office with kitchen and shower

A garden office doesn’t have to be a small building. If the proportions of your garden allow, you can organise a large garden office for daily activities. This building can have a unique view from all sides, making the owner’s work day a more pleasurable one. You can lower the blinds over the tinted glass windows and create a feeling of more comfort and personal space as you work. 

Garden office with a shed

Often the ideal point in the garden is already occupied by another building. This is a garden shed. A garden shed is a necessary building that is an addition to a regular residential building and is used to store all the items that can create clutter in the house. These include a variety of equipment and vehicles such as bicycles, mopeds, etc.

The garden office can be split into two to create convenient storage and workspace. The interior is entirely different as the office interior is a high-quality design building with wooden floors and modern décor, whereas the storage area is more fundamental.

Home office and family space

Often, a garden office is built for several purposes. Because the customer can establish close contact with the designer and adapt the layout of the garden office to their tastes and needs, we can get a room used for two different purposes.

Often, users want to create a workspace that they can use when needed to entertain friends. This allows them to have private activities and a place where children can enjoy their time with friends pleasantly and independently.

The possibilities are endless, and users can fully satisfy their requirements. During the working week, an office is an official place, which can become a gathering place for young people in a few hours.

Garden office next to the garage

If you have an unused area next to the garage, you can turn it into a garden office that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The main thing is to see the potential of your garden or courtyard, finding room to place an office that will become your favourite workplace. 

Good Investment

Having a garden office can be very lucrative when selling your home. Recent global developments have emphasised the benefits of owning a garden office and it has become known as a very good investment. World studies have shown that having a garden office when selling a home on the market increases its prospects of sale.

Double garden office

4m X 3m is a good size for a two-person office. This office is not large enough to accommodate a considerable section of the garden, but it is pretty convenient for two people working side by side. These types of offices are designed for couples working from home. Huge tinted glass sliding doors fill the office with natural light. If necessary, additional movable windows could be installed for added air circulation.

Garden office with veranda

This kind of design is pretty close to the usual home design, which, of course, is often used for more than just work. The presence of a veranda entrance to the office makes it better looking and more welcoming. This design can make a significant impression on the structure of a building, it opens up the interior space when the sliding door is fully open and creates the effect of a larger area where you can continue to work, even outdoors.

Classic garden office

This is a small office building with French doors and windows, the user decides for himself which side of the classic garden office they will be positioned. You have complete independence to choose the colour and design of the interior and exterior, as these design elements depend on the user’s taste and budget.

Budget Garden Office

Never give up on setting up your workspace because you think your budget won’t stretch far enough. Setting up a garden office can be a simple thing because it’s a space that you can customise to fit your budget, customise your design to suit your needs, and incorporate creativity into your workflow. When you take your break and can relax for a few minutes, make sure you always enjoy the view of your garden, unless your garden office is has a large tinted glass window, make a small window alongside your desk so you can enjoy your favourite views while working at the computer.

Home office and cinema

An innovating concept in a garden office is transforming an existing space into a versatile building that allows you to relax while at work. After a tiring day at work, you can sit and watch a good movie.

Make the right decision

When choosing a garden office, the possibilities are endless; you can buy “off the shelf” or go for a completely innovative office created according to your own design, which will be a manifestation of your individualism and creativity.

In order to make all the decisions correctly, do your research and find the company which can make your dreams come true.

Once you have built an office in your garden, you can enjoy a luxurious work environment, a space created with a unique design adapted to your taste that will motivate you to work while observing the most cherished view of your own garden as you work.

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